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Fish Pet Store in Cass County, Iowa

For more than 30 years, Fish Store Pet Center has been a reputable and reliable source for exotic pet supplies in Atlantic, IA. In addition to selling a huge variety of tropical fish, reptiles and birds, we have the products you need to keep your finned, feathered or scaly friends healthy and happy! From food to aquariums, plants to tank decorations, we’re a one-stop shop for pet owners.

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We supply high-end products and exotic pets for families throughout Iowa.

Fish Store Pet Center has been serving pet owners since 1988, we’re committed to humane practices with all our animals.

A locally-owned store, we pride ourselves on fulfilling your complete pet supply needs in one location.

Our industry expertise enables us to help you select the ideal products for your pet.

Exotic Fish, Birds and Reptiles, and Everything You Need to Care for Them

If you’re the type of pet owner to coo over a beautiful bird, embrace a cold-blooded reptile or admire a delicate tropical fish, Fish Store Pet Center is the place for you! We’re focused on bringing local-area customers the very best in exotic pet species, including fish, reptiles and birds, and all the products you need to treat them right.

We’re proud to be a top fish pet store in Cass County, IA.

Not only will you find the most beautiful exotics in our tanks, we’re also extremely knowledgeable in helping you decide which is right for you. Our experts have the experience to answer your questions and recommend the right products for your needs.

Our staff is passionate about providing a welcoming atmosphere to every customer who walks through our doors—whether it’s chatting with pet owners or giving you the advice you need.

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girl playing with her pet bird in Cass County, Iowa

Premier provider of Pet Supplies

Shopping with us also gives you the peace of mind you want from working with a reputable, humane retailer. We treat our animals with respect and kindness. That commitment continues even after you take them home, too!

Our shelves are stocked with only the best products from reputable brands, including the features, toys and general products your animals need to thrive. Whether you’re looking for new pets in Cass County, IA or want to pamper the one you already have, we welcome you!

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Find Your New Best Friend

Ready to bring home a new family member? From fresh to saltwater fish, birds to reptiles, we offer a wide selection of small pets.

Proudly offering pet services and products to the following areas and beyond:

  • Cass County, IA
  • Pottawattamie County, IA
  • Mills County, IA
  • Montgomery County, IA
  • Adams County, IA
  • Union County, IA
  • Adair, IA
  • Exira, IA
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Walnut, IA
  • Audubon County, IA
  • Shelby County, IA
  • Harrison County, IA
  • Adair County, IA
  • Guthrie County, IA
  • Avoca, IA
  • Oakland, IA
  • Griswold, IA
  • Massena, IA