The History of the Fish Tank

Few things are more mesmerizing than a well-tended fish tank. Whether it’s a cozy desktop betta tank or a hundred-gallon saltwater setup, fish tanks offer us a bird’s-eye view of some of nature’s most fascinating and colorful creatures.

Before you head to your nearest fish pet store in Iowa to build your own home aquarium, take a few moments to learn about the history of these incredible creations.

Rome, 50 CE

In ancient Rome, wealthy citizens had long kept barbel fish in marble tubs in both their houses and gardens. When glass was invented in the year 50, Romans quickly replaced one side of their marble fish tanks with glass in order to get a good look at the underwater life.

China, 1369 CE

Enterprising Chinese Emperor Hóngwǔ created a company that specializes in porcelain tubs specifically designed to maintain goldfish. These porcelain tubs bore a strong resemblance to the ubiquitous glass goldfish bowl still in use today.

London, 1846 CE

In the 1830s, Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward built the world’s first modern terrarium with the idea of housing and growing plants. Not long after, he proposed using his invention for animals, as well. It wasn’t until a decade later, however, that Londoner Anna Thynne created the country’s first balanced marine aquarium when she cultivated stony corals and seaweed for three full years.

During this same period, Robert Warington housed goldfish and snails in a 13-gallon container. The process was so experimental that Warington was able to publish his findings in an academic journal of the time. Aquariums were still so rare that the first fish pet store in Iowa had yet to be opened.

United Kingdom, 1851 CE

It wasn’t until the first World’s Fair (then known as the Great Exhibition) that the first proper fish tanks were put on display in lavishly-decorated wrought iron tanks. Keeping and maintaining fish soon became a popular hobby throughout the country.

It became so popular, in fact, that two years later, the London Zoo opened the world’s first public aquarium in a building that still survives to this day.

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