Five Friendly Birds That Make the Best Pets

Birds aren’t quite as common in homes as cats, dogs or hamsters, but there is certainly a robust community of bird owners around the United States that takes great pride in their bird hobby. For most bird owners, particularly newer bird owners, finding a pet bird that is friendly and interested in being a companion is at the top of their list of priorities when searching for their new feathered pet. They’d much prefer a gentle, good-natured bird to one that is a little too timid or aggressive.

While it’s a virtual guarantee that all bird owners will eventually be bitten every now and then, there are some birds that do have a more sociable personality that can make them more enjoyable to have around the home. Here are a few examples of some of the best species that fit this profile, all of which can be found at a bird pet store in Iowa:

  • Parakeet: Also known as budgies, parakeets are highly popular all over the world—they’re perhaps the most popular bird pet. They can be quite friendly and affectionate, so long as they are properly trained and cared for. They are generally low-maintenance as far as birds go, and can perform a number of tricks, including talking.
  • Cockatoo: If you’re interested in having a larger pet bird that still provides a good level of affection and entertainment, a cockatoo could be an ideal choice for you. These birds form an especially strong bond with their owners, so that means you’re going to need to spend quite a bit of time with them. If they don’t get enough attention, they can become quite depressed. Birds that have become depressed are more likely to pluck feathers or participate in destructive behaviors. Cockatoos may be a little more high-maintenance in terms of the amount of energy and time they require, but if you’re capable of dealing with it, you’re going to have an outstanding companion.
  • Cockatiel: Cockatiels are Australian natives, and are on the smaller size in terms of birds on this list. While they don’t talk, per se, they do mimic noises they hear around the house. They don’t require a lot of space due to their smaller size, so they are easier to care for than other similar types of birds.
  • Macaw: Macaws, specifically the hyacinth macaw, are larger birds. In fact, they’re the largest parrots you’ll find on earth. They are known for being friendly and extremely social, as they delight in spending time with their owners, whether it be playing or cuddling. However, their large size can make them a bit more difficult to care for.
  • Parrotlet: These “miniature” parrots are cute and easy to care for, and have big personalities packed into their small frames. However, they do take quite a bit of work to tame—you need to spend a lot of time socializing with them.

For more information about some of the best types of birds for beginning bird owners, or to learn more about how our bird pet store in Iowa can help you find the right pet, contact the bird experts at Fish Store Pet Center today.

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