Fish Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love can be a challenge. You want to find a gift that they will enjoy long after the holidays are over. One gift that is sure to bring joy to both young and old is a new aquarium or a new fish for an existing aquarium.

If you think a fish or new aquarium may be the perfect gift for someone on your list, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before you head to a fish pet store in Iowa.

Are they known fish lovers or do they already have an aquarium?

In general, don’t give someone a fish unless they’ve asked for one or indicated in some manner that they would like a fish or aquarium. Fish, like any other pet, require regular care. The fish must be fed and the aquarium must be kept clean and maintained properly for the type of fish. Before you give someone a fish, make sure they have the time and knowledge to care for it and are willing to take on the responsibility.

Do you know what type of fish they want or like?

Whether you are buying a new fish for a first-time fish owner or looking to buy a fish to add to someone’s existing aquarium, it’s important to know what type of fish they want. Not all aquariums are equipped to provide an appropriate environment for all types of fish. In addition, not all species of fish can be kept together in the same tank. If you’re not sure what type of fish to get, our experts at Fish Store Pet Center will be able to help you.

What equipment will they need?

Besides knowing what type of fish to purchase, you should also determine what equipment is needed. A first-time aquarium owner will need a tank as well as all the tank’s components and maintenance items. You may also want to purchase a few tank accessories. At our fish pet store in Iowa, we have a wide variety of tanks, equipment and accessories for you to choose from.

Do you know where to buy the fish?

It is always best to buy your fish from a pet store, rather than a big box store. Pet stores typically use quality, certified vendors for obtaining the fish they sell. They also have the expertise and equipment to care for the fish properly. The experts at a fish pet store in Iowa can also provide you with the education you’ll need to properly care for your new fish, including being available to help with any issues you encounter months or even years down the road.

Do you know what to look for?

Finally, when choosing your fish, it’s important to know what to look for to identify a healthy fish to purchase. Bright, lively fish are more likely to be healthy, so pay attention to the color and activity level of the fish before you buy.

If you want to give someone a fish this Christmas, be sure to check out the fish selection at Fish Store Pet Center. If you have any questions about fish tanks, setup, cleaning or maintenance, contact us today!

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