The Feng Shui of Fish

Aquariums are beautiful, but did you know that they can actually be a great way to Feng Shui your living space? Whether at home or in an office, the practice of keeping fish indoors dates back to ancient times (over 4,500 years ago, in fact) and really took off in the 1800s. If you’re keeping your own aquarium, you’ve joined a time-honored tradition of pet-keeping. When you’re ready to Feng Shui your home with fish in Iowa, stop by Fish Store Pet Center for expert assistance.

The benefits of owning an aquarium

They’re pretty and they offer some surprising health benefits—aquariums are a great choice for any pet owner, especially people with allergies or those who are fascinated by underwater life. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect when you own an aquarium:

  • Stress reduction: Just like the sound of rain or running water is relaxing, so too are aquariums—the flowing water and peaceful, quiet fish can be downright hypnotic. That’s why you’ll see so many aquariums in hotels, restaurants, medical offices and businesses.
  • Lower your blood pressure and heart rate: Speaking of soothing, staring at an aquarium can lower your heart rate by up to 7 percent. That’s not bad for something that’s enjoyable anyway!
  • Calming effects: Ever see an aquarium at your doctor’s office? That’s because science has proven that the mesmerizing movements of fish have a calming effect—so much so that patients don’t require as much pain medication after watching them for a while.

Fish and Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui—basically, arranging your home for the proper flow of energy—might not be backed by science, but it can’t hurt! The Chinese believe that fish tanks enhance your money and luck flow, and who couldn’t use more of that? They also believe that, depending on where the aquarium is placed, it can enhance other areas of your life, including romance. (Just don’t let your fish die or the aquarium get funky—that’s a total mood-killer.)

For enhanced money luck, put your aquarium near the front door, or the front left section (when you’re standing inside your front door). On the other hand, you should never place an aquarium at the center of your home, unless you’re trying to cause the breadwinner some financial or physical problems. The northeast corner (whichever part of your home that is) should be fish-free, too—that is said to cause career setbacks and financial loss.

Finally, avoid keeping fish in the bedroom or kitchen—fish movement can clash with your sleep, whereas the “fire element” of the kitchen clashes with soothing fish.

Create your own personal fish style in Iowa

Fish Store Pet Center has been serving the Cass County area with exotic pets, fish and everything you need for fish Feng Shui for over 30 years. From animals to supplies, we can help you get started with your first aquarium or stock your existing one. Call or stop by to get help from our friendly fish experts.

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