The Top Six Reasons to Keep Fish as Pets

Home fish tanks and aquariums are not only beautiful and calming, but they are proven to be beneficial for your health and mental well-being. Adults, children, the elderly, people suffering from health or medical conditions and really everyone can take advantage of the positive effects of having pet fish around. The many benefits of pet fish far outweigh the small amount of fish tank care and maintenance required—and we’re happy to tell you why that’s the case.

Here’s a look at the top six reasons to keep fish as pets in your Cass County, IA home aquarium:

  • Reduces stress: Studies have shown that having a home aquarium setup can reduce stress levels. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each day observing your fish swimming peacefully back and forth and all around the tank. Fish movement can be rather hypnotic, meaning you can fall into a meditative state in just a few short minutes of watching. Fish are also easy to care for compared to cats and dogs, making them excellent companions.
  • Has calming effects: Since fish movements are so hypnotic, it’s not surprising that a fish aquarium can also produce calming effects. Simply watching your pet fish swim, play, eat or float in place can significantly decrease anxiety levels in chronically anxious individuals of any age. Spend some time watching your fish before bedtime to wind down and to get a better night’s sleep.
  • Lowers blood pressure: If you or someone in your household has high blood pressure, a tank full of happy little fish may help. Pet fish can help reduce blood pressure and a person’s heart rate. This goes back to the calming effects of the fish movement. Add a variety of aquarium plants for an even greater calming experience.
  • Can boost productivity: An aquarium can offer more than health benefits—it can also provide daily life benefits, like improved productivity. Because watching a tank full of fish can reduce your blood pressure, stress and anxiety, it means you have room in your mind to focus on the important things that need to be done in your personal and work lives. Your brain may feel more motivated, creative and productive. With this in mind, office fish may be a good idea for your workplace!
  • Encourages learning: Children can benefit from having a fish tank in the house. They will ask questions about the fish, plants, tank and accessories. If you don’t know the answers, take advantage of this teaching moment and show them how to look up answers online.
  • Helps Alzheimer’s patients: Home aquariums with fish have proven to have positive effects on people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Patients are known to eat more, be happier, calmer and more relaxed when around aquariums, whether the setup is in their room, a common area or dining room.

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