Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet Reptile

So, you were perusing your local reptile pet store in Cass County, IA, and you happened upon a cute new friend. Maybe they were curled up asleep or sunning on a heated stone. Maybe they walked right up to the front of their enclosure and flicked their tongue out. Either way, it was love at first sight. You’re not the first (and you won’t be the last).

Now that you have your new reptile buddy, however, you’ll have to keep it happy and healthy. Here’s how to do it.

Stay calm and be confident

It’s only natural to want to cuddle your new reptile friend, but doing so requires finesse. First of all, try to stay calm. If you’re anxious, your new pal will read it in your body language and respond accordingly. Second, it’s essential to know how to begin an interaction and how to handle your pet accordingly. For example, snakes need to be gently poked with an inanimate object at the beginning of an interaction; otherwise, they’ll go into defensive mode.

Plan ahead

Ideally, your new reptile won’t be an impulse buy. That way, you can do some research on your new friend’s needs and set up a terrarium to suit them before you bring them home. In other words, you may want to head to your local reptile pet store in Cass County, IA to inquire about the accessories you need before you start shopping for your reptile pal.

Respect feeding time

Your reptile will need a special diet if they’re to survive. The different species and varieties of reptiles in your local pet store have diets that is just as varied as they are. Some require mealworms, some need mice and others live on a primarily vegetarian diet. When you purchase your new reptile, make sure you’re getting the right kind of food to keep them happy.

Keep cage conditions consistent

This means making sure that your reptile has constant sources of heat and light and a consistent level of humidity. Your new reptile friend gets all of its heat from external sources. That means you’ll require one or more means of regulating the temperature inside your animal’s enclosure, whether that’s a heat lamp or a heated stone. Just like people, reptiles also require UV light (like the kind we get from the sun) as well as a consistent day-night cycle to maintain a healthy routine. Finally, conditions that are too dry or too moist can pose health risks for your reptile.

Get the supplies you need

At Fish Store Pet Center, we’re the premier reptile pet store in Cass County, IA. That means we have everything you need to embark on your own adventure in reptile ownership, including the reptile itself.

Of course, reptiles are just one area of expertise. We also carry a vast assortment of tropical fish and small mammals. We even provide an unbelievable variety of accessories, toys, food and more that are certain to please your pet. Stop by today and let Fish Store Pet Center keep your pets satisfied and smiling.

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