Vital Tips to Keep Your Betta Fish Healthy

From families to single individuals, betta fish are wonderful pets for anyone. Beautiful and unique, betta fish bring a lot of joy to life with minimal hassle. If you are considering getting a betta fish and setting up a fish aquarium in Cass County, IA, read on to learn the best way to keep your new pet healthy.

Proper aquarium setup

From the outset, you want to purchase a high-quality fish aquarium in Cass County, IA to help your new fish start his life off on the right fin. Providing your betta fish with a good aquarium is crucial because this is the healthy environment he needs to thrive. To set up your aquarium, you’ll want:

  • Either a glass or acrylic aquarium
  • Live or plastic plants
  • Waste-absorbing gravel
  • Water heater
  • Simple filtration system

Regular aquarium maintenance

The water in your betta fish’s aquarium should remain at a pH level of 6.8 to 7. You can purchase testing kits and additives to keep your fish’s water at the right pH level.

You’ll also want to check the temperature of the water to make sure it is between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Any new plants or decorative tank accessories you purchase should be thoroughly rinsed off before you put them in the aquarium. Make sure to test the water’s temperature and pH level before moving your betta fish into his new environment.

Monitor fish’s wellbeing

It’s up to you to keep an eye on your scaly friend to make sure he is remaining healthy and active. A healthy betta fish will have vibrant colors, fins with no holes or tears and smooth scales. Also, your fish will swim around in quick movements to show off for you. If you are observing anything else, you’ll want to get in touch with a local fish and aquarium expert to discuss treating the issue.

Nutrient-rich diet

Even though a betta fish requires a simple diet, the right food is imperative to keeping your pet healthy. You can buy either fresh or frozen food to give to your betta, along with small crustaceans or insects as an occasional treat. Betta fish should be fed small amounts of food several times throughout the day. Any uneaten food should be cleaned out of the aquarium.

Address concerns

There are numerous symptoms that could indicate your betta fish isn’t feeling well. His coloring might appear cloudy or he could spend his days hiding in the plants. If you notice something is wrong with your fish, it’s best to contact someone about how to help your finned friend feel better. It might be something as simple as different water treatment or a change in diet that could make all the difference in your betta fish’s wellbeing.

It may be that the issue is related to your fish aquarium in Cass County, IA, so you will want to get in touch with us now. For over three decades, the community has trusted Fish Store Pet Center with all of its pet-related needs. Call or drop by today if you are interested in adding a pet to your family or you need supplies for your existing pets.

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