How to Care for Your Parrot

There are so many reasons to consider a parrot for your next pet. These remarkable creatures are caring and sweet, and they lower their owners’ stress. Best of all, parrots have an incredibly long lifespan, which means you likely won’t have to say goodbye until after a decade of friendship.

When you decide to bring a parrot into your home, you will want to be confident that you can provide for them. Fortunately, caring for a parrot in Cass County, IA isn’t terribly difficult if you have the know-how and the right place to find supplies.

Research their diet first

The key to keeping your parrot healthy and happy is ensuring that it gets a diverse and healthy diet. Of course, finding the perfect food for your buddy will mean researching the dietary needs of whichever species of parrot you intend to buy. Getting food shouldn’t be an afterthought. There are 200 species of parrot, and each of them has unique tastes and needs. In other words, you may want to plan ahead and have some fruit options on hand for your bird’s arrival.

Tips for flight time

Letting your parrot out of its cage is one of the most fun parts of bird ownership, for you and the bird alike. Of course, when you do let your parrot out, it’s important to make sure they are safe. So, before you let them out:

  • Close and cover any windows
  • Turn off ceiling fans, heaters and appliances
  • Close bathroom doors
  • Avoid cooking
  • Tuck away any curtain or electrical cords

These simple steps will keep your bird safe and happy while they’re exploring.

Buy the biggest cage you can

Parrots love to move around. As a result, caring for a parrot in Cass County, IA means accommodating that need as much as you are able. Letting your parrot out of its cage is critical for its health, but while it remains in its cage, it will still need plenty of room to spread its wings and move around. So, start by saving up some money to buy the most spacious cage you can for your parrot.

Intellectual stimulation

In the wild, parrots are incredibly active birds. They love traveling long distances to find new places (and things) to eat. When they move into your home, parrots won’t have the option to travel as they used to, which will leave them bored. You can redirect a parrot’s energy by providing them with complex toys and structures to climb on.

Your ally in bird ownership

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