How to Set Up a Cockatiel Habitat

Even with all the options available to potential bird owners, the cockatiel remains a popular option year after year. The reasons are obvious. Cockatiels take little effort to tame. They are also generally quiet and friendly birds, expressing no aggressive behavior even when they meet new people. Most pet cockatiels even like to be stroked and scratched by their owners. There’s a reason why veteran and novice bird owners flock to the cockatiel.

Of course, to keep your new pal happy, you will need to set up the perfect home. Here is a quick and easy guide to building ideal cockatiel habitats in Cass County, IA.

Think about a twofer

Before you purchase your cockatiel, remember that these small parrots are very social creatures. As a result, you might find that a cockatiel thrives when allowed to live in groups. You can talk to a local pet store to find out if choosing more than one cockatiel is right for you.

The cage specs

One of the benefits of cockatiels is their small size. They only grow to about a foot long, and their wingspan tops out at about 10 inches. As a result, their cages don’t need to be massive enclosures to keep them happy. They just need to be twice the height of the full-grown bird and twice as wide as its wingspan. If you’re planning to add more than one cockatiel to your cage, you’ll need to increase the dimensions.

Make sure your cage’s bars are set half an inch apart, as well. Any farther apart and you risk your cockatiel’s head getting stuck in the cage, or, worse yet, escape attempts.

Perches galore

To encourage movement while in the cage, and to improve your bird’s overall foot health, cockatiel habitats in Cass County, IA should have at least two perches at various heights and with varying thickness and texture. One important tip to remember is that you should never put a perch directly above your bird’s food bowl. Otherwise, the bird may accidentally defecate into it.

Think about the cleaning

You undoubtedly realize that you’ll require cage liners to minimize the mess inside the cage, but it’s also important to think about other potential messes. Products like hooded food bowls, for example, can go a long way toward keeping your bird’s cage clean and hygienic.

Don’t forget the toys

Cockatiels absolutely love toys, especially toys with movable parts. They also really enjoy chewing on wooden objects. When you’re setting up your habitat, make sure you include several stimulating activities to keep your cockatiel’s brain occupied.

Get the pro help you need!

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