When to Clean Your Fish Tank

Caring for a fish in Cass County, IA is an endless amount of fun. Watching your tank’s inhabitants zoom about and interact with one another never fails to be entertaining. Of course, watching your fish swim around is far less enjoyable if your aquarium is dirty or covered in algae. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of owning a fish tank is occasional cleaning. The only issue is educating yourself so you can figure out how and when to clean your tank.

Don’t take the fish out

One common mistake made by amateur fish owners is to remove their fish from the tank before cleaning. Don’t do that—taking your fish out of the tank puts an enormous amount of stress on them. The move itself could even be fatal. So, regardless of what you’ll be doing during the cleaning process, make sure your fish stay put.

Avoid the deep clean

For those pet owners who dread cleaning up after their pets, caring for a fish in Cass County, IA can be the perfect solution. In fact, you’re not supposed to do any deep cleans on your fish tank. Removing a lot of water or stirring up sediment can be harmful to your fish. As a result, when you clean, you should do so in small bursts to avoid hurting your fish.

Changing the water is essential

By and large, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning your tank unless it’s proving an unsightly distraction. That said, you must regularly swap out the water in your fish tank. Once a week, remove about 10 percent of your tank’s water and replace it with accurately prepared and treated water. This simple weekly chore will minimize how much you need to clean the fixtures.

The once-yearly clean

Once a year, it should be safe for you to unplug and remove the equipment that operates on the periphery of your tank (i.e., the air filter, water pump, etc.). Then, give each a thorough clean and ensure that both are up for another year of service. The only other times you should really clean your fish tank is if the water’s pH balance is off, or if you notice that your fish are acting sluggish or developing disease.

Build the tank you’ve always wanted

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