Seven Cool Ways to Reuse Your Old Fish Tank

Do you have an old aquarium sitting in your garage from the last time you decided to upgrade your fish tank? Instead of letting it sit there collecting dust, you can upcycle it into something new. Reusing your aquarium in Cass County, IA is a fun way to entertain the whole family and save money on a craft project. Here are some of the most creative ways we’ve found to recycle old fish tanks:

  • Planter box: Glass aquariums are a cool way to grow plants—they’re not only big enough to handle several crops of herbs, flowers or other plants, but they may even allow you to see the root system develop. As the roots get bigger, they’ll branch out to the glass panes. This can be especially fun for young children.
  • DIY coffee table: If your aquarium is big enough, why not use it as a coffee table base? You can fill the tank with shells, decorative gravel and other items, then attach a piece of wood or glass to the top for a stable surface. It’s a great way to save money on furniture and get the custom look you want.
  • Make worm farms or terrariums: Your fish tank is a great basis for a worm farm or a terrarium. Kids love watching worms tunnel through the dirt, and it will help provide excellent fertilizer for your garden. Just add a layer of damp shredded newspaper, then fill with soil. Add fruit or vegetable scraps for the worms to eat, but avoid meat and citrus.
  • Holiday décor: Your recycled aquarium in Cass County, IA can make a great backdrop for holiday décor, whether you enjoy winter holiday villages or want to collect all your mini pumpkins in one over-the-top display. Use string lights inside to make it look extra festive, and change out the décor according to the season.
  • Light boxes: Using glass paints and battery-operated fairy lights, you can make a mosaic light box—just use the glass paint to add color and pattern to the panes, then place the lights inside. It will cast brightly-colored light in your room and can make for a beautiful nightlight.
  • Collection display cases: Whether you’re a Funko Pop or Matchbox car aficionado, fish tanks make great display cases. Add a backdrop or simply display your collection in the tank to keep the dust off.
  • Giant candleholder: Cover the bottom of your fish tank with decorative gravel or sand, then add pillar candles of various heights. This is a safer way to burn candles, and makes for quite a dramatic effect. If your tank is on the smaller side, it can be a beautiful centerpiece.

Reusing your aquarium in Cass County, IA is a fun and often rewarding way to repurpose an old item—and often a fun craft or science project for the kids.

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