How Aquariums Changed Our View of the Ocean

For millennia, not many people understood what went on beneath the surface of our lakes, rivers and oceans, until aquariums were invented. Rather than seeing the ocean as a body to cross or a source of food, humanity finally started to understand the complex ecosystems lurking underneath the waves. Here’s an overview of fish tank […]

Seven Cool Ways to Reuse Your Old Fish Tank

Do you have an old aquarium sitting in your garage from the last time you decided to upgrade your fish tank? Instead of letting it sit there collecting dust, you can upcycle it into something new. Reusing your aquarium in Cass County, IA is a fun way to entertain the whole family and save money […]

When to Clean Your Fish Tank

Caring for a fish in Cass County, IA is an endless amount of fun. Watching your tank’s inhabitants zoom about and interact with one another never fails to be entertaining. Of course, watching your fish swim around is far less enjoyable if your aquarium is dirty or covered in algae. Therefore, one of the most […]

Keep Your Pets Cool in the Summer

When the temperature begins to spike during the summer months, any Iowan with good sense takes steps to stay cool. For those of us lucky enough to call themselves pet owners, that need to keep cool during the summer extends to our pets, as well. In fact, you should probably take extra precautions for your […]

How to Care for Your Parrot

There are so many reasons to consider a parrot for your next pet. These remarkable creatures are caring and sweet, and they lower their owners’ stress. Best of all, parrots have an incredibly long lifespan, which means you likely won’t have to say goodbye until after a decade of friendship. When you decide to bring […]