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How to Care for Your Parrot

There are so many reasons to consider a parrot for your next pet. These remarkable creatures are caring and sweet, and they lower their owners’ stress. Best of all, parrots have an incredibly long lifespan, which means you likely won’t have to say goodbye until after a decade of friendship. When you decide to bring […]

How to Set Up a Cockatiel Habitat

Even with all the options available to potential bird owners, the cockatiel remains a popular option year after year. The reasons are obvious. Cockatiels take little effort to tame. They are also generally quiet and friendly birds, expressing no aggressive behavior even when they meet new people. Most pet cockatiels even like to be stroked […]

Five Friendly Birds That Make the Best Pets

Birds aren’t quite as common in homes as cats, dogs or hamsters, but there is certainly a robust community of bird owners around the United States that takes great pride in their bird hobby. For most bird owners, particularly newer bird owners, finding a pet bird that is friendly and interested in being a companion […]