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How Aquariums Changed Our View of the Ocean

For millennia, not many people understood what went on beneath the surface of our lakes, rivers and oceans, until aquariums were invented. Rather than seeing the ocean as a body to cross or a source of food, humanity finally started to understand the complex ecosystems lurking underneath the waves. Here’s an overview of fish tank […]

Seven Cool Ways to Reuse Your Old Fish Tank

Do you have an old aquarium sitting in your garage from the last time you decided to upgrade your fish tank? Instead of letting it sit there collecting dust, you can upcycle it into something new. Reusing your aquarium in Cass County, IA is a fun way to entertain the whole family and save money […]

When to Clean Your Fish Tank

Caring for a fish in Cass County, IA is an endless amount of fun. Watching your tank’s inhabitants zoom about and interact with one another never fails to be entertaining. Of course, watching your fish swim around is far less enjoyable if your aquarium is dirty or covered in algae. Therefore, one of the most […]

Picking the Perfect Pet Fish

Fish are unique pets in that they provide both the satisfaction of having and caring for another creature (which can lower stress levels) while also offering some aesthetic benefits to your home. An aquarium with well-cared-for fish can bring some color and excitement to your décor. For people who have allergies or space limitations in […]

Six Amazing Aquarium Ideas

The opportunity to build an aquarium ecosystem in Cass County, IA can be tons of fun. Not only can you fill your fish tank with all manner and color of species, but today’s tanks are serving all styles of unique functions and aquarium uses. Here are some of the most innovative. Nurture life while you […]