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What Are the Health Benefits of Owning an Aquarium?

As anyone who owns a fish aquarium in Cass County, IA can tell you, keeping an eye over an aquarium is pet ownership like nothing else. Within the confines of that glass tank is an entire ecosystem, unlike anything we experience in our daily lives. Gorgeous specimens in one of an infinite variety of colors […]

How to Build Your Own Self-Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

There are numerous projects you can choose from to work on in your free time. Perhaps you’ve thought about building a self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem, for example. A fun and educational activity, you can choose to build an aquatic ecosystem in a terrarium with plants of your choosing, or a fish tank. The focus of this […]

The Top Six Reasons to Keep Fish as Pets

Home fish tanks and aquariums are not only beautiful and calming, but they are proven to be beneficial for your health and mental well-being. Adults, children, the elderly, people suffering from health or medical conditions and really everyone can take advantage of the positive effects of having pet fish around. The many benefits of pet […]

What You Need to Know About Your Aquarium’s Environment

Fish are beautiful creatures that are fun to care for, and they can add a lot of character to a space. Whether you have a small tank or a large aquarium environment with dozens of fish, it’s essential to invest time into fish care and tank upkeep. Understanding your aquarium environment in Cass County, IA […]

Common Myths About Fishkeeping

Keeping an aquarium is a great hobby for many people, but it requires plenty of work to properly care for fish and keep them happy and thriving in an aquarium environment. There are quite a few myths about aquarium upkeep in Cass County, IA that are important to understand in order to ensure your fish […]