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Providing a broad array of pet supplies and fish food in Cass County, IA, and beyond, Fish Store Pet Shop believes in treating animals like members of the family. To that end, we stock only the highest quality foods and products that have passed our rigorous selection process.

Our goal is to keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come, while providing a one-stop shop for pet products.

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Pet lovers ourselves, we understand animals are like family. Recognizing that the quality of your pet’s diet has a direct effect on his longevity, we take pride in selling the best fish, reptile and bird food in Cass County, IA. Our goal is to supply a wide array of products that are both nutritious and tasty, no matter the type of pet you have.

Aquariums Stands

Aquariums Stands

Fish and reptiles need clean, safe, stress-free environments to call home. That’s why we provide pet parents with quality aquariums and stands in a variety of shapes and styles. Saltwater, freshwater or no water, we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Aquariums Decor

Plants & Rocks

Plants and rocks add beauty to your aquarium while contributing to the overall quality of your pet’s environment. Along with providing fish with places to hide, the right plants can help clean the water. The end result is healthier fish and less work for you.

Tank Decorations

Tank Decorations

Decorations help keep fish happy and healthy while adding to the beauty of your home aquarium. From plastic plants and rocks, to fake logs and sunken ships, we offer an unbeatable collection.

quality products in one location

Fish Store Pet Shop is your trusted source for pet food, aquariums, accessories and more. We pride ourselves on stocking a wide array of quality products in one location.

Call us today at 712-243-1760 or visit us to get your pet care errands done in a single trip.

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